The Babaji Consciousness in America

“I carry in me only one clear purpose: To make you see your own Divinity in you”

Sri Mataji Shaktiananda, or simply Mother Shakti, is a woman who has become, after years of intense Soul work and through extraordinary experiences, a beautiful spiritual phenomenon, demonstrating with her example how Divine Consciousness has been made available to be attained in its most sublime states by all beings in any part of the world, beyond religions, dogmas and particular geographical regions.

Just as the Masters have said:

“Those who approach Shakti must know what God has proposed through her. An apparently simple woman has been able to reveal her Divine Nature in an extraordinary manifesto. Extraordinary but not incredible, because those who receive it must believe. To believe in her achievement is to believe in one’s own achievement. The Light is possible for all who risk themselves in Love.”





“The purest and most beautiful extension that Shaktiananda’s Being has produced dwells in my consciousness.”

Mahavatar Babaji

The Great Instructor of Humanity has accompanied the Mother since the beginning of her encounter as Master and Preceptor, and has lovingly guided her to attain her own Enlightenment.
It has been revealed that the Light Beings who once walked alongside Mahavatar Babaji have been chosen once again to spread his Love and his Teachings. It is so with Mother Shaktiananda, who has been his eternal companion, the Shakti of Babaji.

The Mother, in previous incarnations, in different parts of the planet and not always in a female body, has been an instrument of the Mahaguru Consciousness.
And at this time, and after a careful and delicate Plan of Light, Babaji has established his manifesto with Shakti Ma in South America, with the mission to forge and establish the first focal point of Light and transformation in Latin America, the cradle of the New Consciousness.



Mother Shaktiananda has counted on, in addition to the eternal and constant guidance of the Mahavatar Babaji, important preceptors and Initiators on this plane. Transcending ancient dogmas, the Mother was Initiated in the Ancient Order of Swamis through the Diksha Mantra of the highest level within the Tradition, and the spiritual title of Paramahansa (Great Swan), a prominent Hierarchy within the Vedic Tradition.

In September of 2006, the Mother received the highest Initiation given by an incarnated being. His Holiness Shankaracharya Swami Divyanand Thirth Maharaj, one of the most respected Pontiffs of India, gave her the Shaktipath (transmission of the Light Energy of Lord Shiva) in the Venezuelan mountains.


In 2007, during the celebration of the Kumbha Mela of Allahabad (India), ShaktiMa received the degree of Mahamandaleshwar, in recognition of her spiritual merits and the mission that she sets forth. The Mother is now the first regent woman of the Sanatam Dharma (Universal Spirituality) in the West. Being named as: Her Holiness Anant Vibushit Shree Mahamandaleshwar Ma Shaktiananda Paramahansa.





“Shakti Ma, An Eternal Radiance” Is the book, written by Victor Mayo Shivananda, which bears witness to the spiritual adventure of Mother Shaktiananda. It is a story about the search of the Being, the path of return towards forgotten Unity, made available for all those who wish to delve into the revelations of a successful experiment that has taken place in the Americas, through the Being and the mission of Shakti Ma.

The story of the Mother is a message of the Divine Consciousness. The heart of this text is composed of the Emanations, instructions and revelations that have been offered by Shaktiananda Ma and the Spheres of Light for all Souls in the world today, especially for those who have chosen to be born in the continent of the New Consciousness. 



Sri Shaktiananda Ma was born as Erika Tucker in the city of Caracas, Venezuela on September 26, 1961. She was deeply linked to the Arts, especially music, and developed a beautiful fascination for the phenomena of Communication…


For a long time, the Great Masters and Initiates from both the East and the West, have referred to this Infinite and Immortal Being, who participated in the restoration of Light on the Planet, in the Sacred Scriptures…


Shankaracharya Swami Divyanand, Pontiff of the Bhanpura Monastery, is one of the successors of the legendary Master Adi Shankaracharya…






The Teachings of the Mother contain a free form of Divine Intelligence so that, if we approach them with just openness, we will be able to access very elevated and exact understandings of our own Being, of the Higher Laws and of the Eternal Path…