Clamor For Your Order

Meditation with Mataji Shaktiananda


Breathe in order, breathe in your order, in your perfect system.
And, likewise, as if you wanted to put yourself in order.
Even more so if there is any disorder, whatever it may be.
All disorder is reflected, manifested in you.
 It invades you, maladjusts you, decenters you,
disorients you and makes you lose yourself.
So breathe, clamoring for your order.

Maybe you do not even notice
how much there is in you that is not,
 nor do you permit anything,
so let the breath do some work,
seek balance, gain strength, go on restoring yourself,  
and, above all, try to feel love for yourself. 
You will say, how much can my own breath offer me?
Absolutely everything.

And the rigor orders your mind,
 which, if affected, affects everything.
So focus, and breathe deeply, calmly, with full attention toward yourself,
in acquiring confidence, and gaining self-respect.

And, from order to order, everything happens.
Everything takes place in you.
From that calm, appeased breath,
that lightness of feeling just enough, to that finetuning
that the mind achieves, knowing itself to be the conduit of everything
and appreciating your breath, which leads it to know that it is stable,
less confused, less restless, less disturbed.

And you breathe patiently, with exquisite will,
 and you reach a silence.
Let nothing be expressed in you, no breath,
no gesture, no sonority.
Become silent, quiet. And, if it is difficult for you, insist, be quiet.
 Without holding the breath, be quiet.

And value every breath within your reach,
what you now produce in yourself.
Do not seek nor find anything.
Endure the silence and let the silence endure you.

It is not difficult for the silence, but it is for you.
When you exist in defiance,
 when you condition everything, when you waste your resources,
when you try not to be and succeed,
when you resort to arbitrariness, when you offend,
when you complain without reason, when you are determined by the worst,
when you become alienated, when you lie to yourself,  
that is when disorder reigns in you.

You will say, “Can it reign?”
It reigns, it dominates, it seizes, it detracts, it gets out of control.

Assist yourself by breathing, assist yourself.
Breathe as much as you can, as much as you need,
until that hidden necessity that takes advantage of you, leaves you.

How do you feel your silence? In order, perhaps?
Does it refer to order
 How do you resist the silence? Does does it shout something to you?
 And there’s nowhere to hide here.
 And moreover your mind, knows it well.  

The record in consciousness is implacable,
absolute, irreducible.

How do you feel the breath?
 Does it agitate, perhaps? Or does it maintain its calm?
And do not allow mental struggles,
nor let a single emotion cloud your silence.
 Not all silences are silent and you know it.  
 That is why you breathe, because you aspire to absolute silence,
in which nothing exists.
And you breathe, trusting that the mind will comply,  
and the breath commands with such subtlety, with such profound goodness.

Perceive if you are struggling with yourself or liberating yourself,
if the mind is arguing or finally falling silent.
Implore it to be quiet.
Perceive the appeasement, perceive the distances,
manage to elevate yourself, aspire to order.

You will say, what is order? Does it even exist?
We’ve lost so much of it,
 we’ve defied it, we’ve distrusted it, we’ve relapsed,
 and we don’t realize it.

And you insist, does it exist?
In everything, and we do not see it, nor believe it,
 nor demonstrate it, nor offer it,  
 when we think, when we believe that it has ended,    
 and it is not true, it would be to deny oneself.   
  And of course there are those who do it by free choice, by obscure action.

Reorder yourself, trust in that.  
More so, when you have guidance, and you believe.
More so when you want to love yourself, above all,
knowing that it is the only thing possible, so that your order may be.

How divine you are. I thank you.  
 And then you breathe to know that you are,
how much you are, to recognize all this,
from the order that Is.
And that, in a certain way, what you distinguish
goes according to the order you are,
 You could do no more nor would you know,  
so what remains is to want more.

Breathe well, breathe deeply, and, in a way,
celebrate yourself for the order you aspire to.
Believe yourself.

Om Namaha Shivaya